1. 'What is Suzali London all about?'

Suzali London is a unique British fashion brand, we make everyday elegant desi outfits accessible to British fashionistas. We not only include designers already established internationally but as the Founder of Suzali London l have a keen eye on these extraordinary South Asian designers and want to serve as a platform to promote them in London.

2. 'What makes you so unique?'

There are two themes that distinguish us to be a cut above the rest: the pricing and modern runway inspired fashion trends you can rock every day, with jeans or with your plain jacket dress. Plus if you're anything like me, l know you don't like spending hundreds of pounds on your clothing. I like to find an outlet that has a quality range of outfits, from designer casual, semi-formal and practical party wear. 

Furthermore, I love to attend private exhibitions in convenient locations several times a year to experience the latest trends, socialise and receive a brilliantly tailored service that understands me. Currently, it's difficult to experience unique British Asian fashion events offering affordable and trendy garments you can wear in your daily life.  Not forgetting being a busy working woman and Mum, I aim for efficiency, efficiency and more efficiency! I don't have time for search online and feel let down with dated fashion or bad customer service. As a result, l created Suzali London for fashionistas who want to combine the western premium service similar to Oxford Street/Selfridges yet with an affordable modern eastern fusion. And l organise a fashion event every season with a personalised styling service.

3. 'How can I view your full collection?'

I launched the brand in May 2015, and overwhelmed by the positive response and amazing testimonials received so far - thank you!! I rebranded in May 2016 with a new look and sharing more information about the designers l stock. And I are working hard to make Suzali London accessible to everyone when it comes to viewing and purchasing the clothing.

I hope to have the e-commerce site up and running in the later stage of 2016, meanwhile please feel free to visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts, where l showcase the outfits l sell and always welcome feedback to improve the brand and offer a great portfolio of designers.

I look forward to hearing from all you amazing fashionistas!

4. 'How can I purchase Suzali London items?'

We are based in Hampstead, London NW3. Please feel free to book an appointment for private viewing, where both cash and most debit/credit cards are accepted as payment. Alternatively, if you are too far to visit, we post items at reasonable rates to both domestic and international addresses following receipt of payment via Paypal or online bank transfer.

Please feel free to get in touch via the online form or on +44 (0) 7958 477 091 for more details.

5. 'Is Suzali London a designer?'

No, essentially Suzali London is a buyer who intricately selects limited edition suits from Pakistani and Indian designers to create a stunning and trendy capsule collection suitable for the British fashion loving population.

We have exclusive UK distribution agreements with many of our designers thus, you will not be able to find them elsewhere in London or the UK. And we keep an eye on the evolving trends on the South Asian runways and make sure we offer the newest and hottest fashion on the market.