Suzali London provides today's working women an alternative to high street fashion, expensive designer labels and dated South Asian suits we currently see in the UK.

I’m Sana, the Founder of Suzali London. I’m a busy working mother who works in the city and understands how difficult it is to find chic, elegant and everyday South Asian designer fashion fairly priced. Also, I recognise there is a wealth of emerging talent from Pakistan and India designers that currently isn’t being showcased in the UK fashion industry. 

Suzali London is rare as l stock upcoming South Asian designers not available elsewhere in Europe. In addition, l provide a platform for talented emerging South Asian designers to showcase their garments to the fabulous British women. And to give my clientele a premium service, I handpick the finest, contemporary and limited edition everyday runway trends from some of the most talented emerging designers in Pakistan and India. And with the combination of great service tailored to each and every one of them, l love to deliver the best-personalised service, leaving my customers valued, loved and empowered.

All these factors intertwined with my keen interest in the evolution of South Asian fashion industry in London, l felt there was a need for a fashion brand who cares enough to create a brand that serves hard-working British woman and South Asian designers.